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Secom’s engineers are a fast, fluid, exciting team of dedicated professionals. You could be one of them.

At Secom, we provide new engineers with all the guidance they need to feel comfortable in each aspect of their role, so when they turn up for a job they know they’re equipped to do it well. We trust our engineers to use their experience and expertise to get the job done, and offer a range of benefits for the great work they do.

Engineer Benefits

Some people say work is its own reward – we respectfully disagree. Our engineers are offered a range of benefits to make their job a little bit easier and grow your career. From in-depth skills training to on-hand support from team leaders, you’ll always get the help you need.

What’s more, our engineers are eligible for a number of attractive company perks, including a competitive salary, health and life insurance, a company car, and a fuel card. We’ll also provide you with the opportunity to achieve new industry qualifications through the National Training and Development Centre Academy, helping you to advance in your career.

Career Progression

If you want to take leaps in your career, Secom provides you with the means and tools to do it. But don’t just take our word for it! Many of our senior management team and directors started out as Secom engineers, and now they offer an inspirational example how the company’s support network and commitment to talent can help anyone succeed.

Join the Secom Family

At Secom, we work together to achieve our common goals. Every member of the team feels like a valued member of the business, and this teamwork is what’s driving us to become one of the leading security service companies in the UK. If you want to join a business where you’re trusted and valued, with multiple options for progression, this is the place.